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Hello, and welcome to my house !!!

You are currently looking at my personal website, where I'll talk about various things I like, such as my virtual pets, my favorite video games' lore, and my OCs !! I might put more things in the future, but for the moment this is what this website is about.

It is also very much a WIP right now, so be kind about its state !

Thank you, hope you have a good day ! Don't hesitate to leave a message in the guestbook, take a look around, and have fun <3

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Current status:

Modifications log !!

  • 01/01/24 : HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! If you're reading this in like, June, I'm also wishing you a happy year :^)

    Been busy as hell these past few months, I haven't been working on here as much as I'd like. But I'm still doing small things in the background !

    Annoyingly, right now what I really want to work on is the MMO charas page, but I just keep changing my mind for how I want the page to actually look like. I just want somewhere to put my thoughts and fun little lore tidbits about my characters !!!!! I'm mad about being so indecisive about the layout......... please make up your mind i want to talk about my girls....

    I've got a podcast on on the background (listening to goodtimewithscar talk about things :) i am not immune to the Good Times) and looking at toyhou.se layouts for inspirations. Today I WILL make some progress, at least mentally !!!!! I will !!!

  • 29/09/23 : Still chipping away at the DS1 shrine. I've also thought about what my next shrine will be, and I think I'll do one for Guild Wars 2 ! Love this game so so so much. And after that, maybe I'll do one for Warframe ? Or Okami ?? Or Outer Wilds !!! The possibilities are endless !!!!!

    Slightly unrelated, but lately I've also been reading articles and guides on accessibility on the old web. It's important to me to make this site as accessible as reasonably possible to people, or at least give warnings when pages could potentially cause problems (i've seen multiple websites direct you to big, flashing images without warning !!! don't do that !!!!!)

    Little by little I'll try to add ways to not autoplay gifs, and to add alt text to my images. If you're reading this and you also have a personal website, please try to take these details in consideration ! Perfect accessibility is not possible, especially if coding/maintaining a website is only your hobby, but try to at least add a little warning if your site includes pages with flashing images or colors. Light sensitivity and epilepsy are no joke !!!

    Anyway, this is 100% not the place to put this little rant so i'll stop lol. if you're reading this, hope you have a nice day ! <3

  • 28/09/23 : Lore Cave page finished !!!!!!

    I'm waiting until I've at least finished the DS1 shrine to link it to the rest of the site, but the page itself is pretty much done !

    So far it includes a link to the DS shrines, and multiple placeholders for the shrines I will make in the future. Very excited for that !!

    I've got a pretty empty week ahead of me, so I'll try to work on this site as much as possible ^^


    Continuing to work on both my lore hub page and the Dark Souls 1 shrine !! I'm so happy to be back.

    Still haven't fixed this page displaying weirdly on small screens entirely. current fix is to simply remove the sidebar when the screen gets so small the divs start overlapping; i'm gonna try another fix later today or tomorrow.

    Also I think I've FINALLY figured out how to do my MMO Charas page. I know I said that like, 5 times already. but this time's the right one trust me

  • 06/09/23 : Loaded this page on a small computer screen for the first time. Oops ?

    I'm WAY too used to my own behemoth of a screen and didn't notice things were overlapping on smaller screen sizes. My bad !!!!

    I'll try to fix it asap, but these days i'm very busy with the end of my internship, so it may take me a few weeks to get around to it.

    Also : the lore hub page is almost done !!!!!!! When I have time, I'll try to both finish it and the first lore page, so that I can FINALLY display them both

  • 27/08/23 : Has it really been a full week since I've done anything on here ??? oof

    I added a few widgets to the side of this page, and I re-wrote the welcome paragraph up there !

    Currently working on the shrine hub page (I really like my idea, excited to put it in place :3), hoping to finish it soon !

    ALSO I added a music player !! I'm probably gonna add more music as time goes by, and I'm choosing to force myself to follow some rules : only instrumentals, no song with lyrics (too weird to listen to while reading a website, at least for me !), and only music that fits the vibe of the website, so nothing too harsh/fast ! So far I've only added video games OST lol, but this might change later !

  • 20/08/23 : Added little tabs on this page ! I did these buttons myself :)

    Right now we have the main welcome page (what you're looking at), an about me, and a page about what I like. I'll fill the content little by little !

    As soon as this is done I'll actually start working on the MMO page or the Lore page (or a completely new page that will involve actual content) I PROMISE.

    I know I don't owe anything to anyone re: what I post on here but I made this site to talk about these !!!! I'm procrastinating !!!!! Girl stop !!!!!!!!

    Edit: About Me is finished, Things I Enjoy still a WIP !

  • 19/08/23 : OH SHIT IM PART OF A WEBRING NOW !!! WHAT !

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. disproportionally excited about it. Even though all it does is that I'm linked to other peoples' sites. STILL GREAT THOUGH !!!

    If you stumbled here bc of the Bucket Webring : hi ! this is still. pretty empty. but I hope you have fun here !

    Also : THIS PAGE IS UNIQUE NOW !! yaayyyy (i kept sadgrl's media query stuff because I do NOT have the patience to do it myself. ty so much girl you are saving my life.)

    edit from later today : I also added the Hotline Webring. [strikes a pose trying to look cool but completely fails at it]

  • 18/08/23 : Currently replacing Sadgrl's generated layout on the pets page + on the header by my own code.

    I needed it to kickstart myself by having a pretty page to look at and reference, but now I'm itching to have my own code everywhere on here !!

    This main page will probably be the next step : it's the first thing people see when they come here, and i'd rather have it be as "me" as possible !

  • 14/08/23 : It is currently 0:35 in the morning, and as I was getting ready to go to sleep, I instead had an illumination on what I wanted to do for the MMO Characters page.

    To anyone reading this, if it is also an ungodly hour of the night/morning for you right now : rock on my brother/sister/sibling. Streamm from the past sends you her love and her best wishes. And also a handshake if you're also awake because your tired brain gave you an "amazing idea".

    I'll update you on how stupid my idea for a layout was when I next pick it up.

    Update : hi. this is Streamm from an hour later. i now have a guestbook. i have not, in fact, progressed in any way on the MMO page. if i ever try to find a way to succintly describe who i am, i think just linking to this log will be more than enough.

  • 11/08/23 : As always I am doing everything EXCEPT the important pages of this website. Today I thought for a minute about the number of virtual pets I wanted to display and quickly realised I needed a dedicated page before blowing the whole layout up. So now it exists. Please visit it and say hi to my dumb pets !!

    The sidebar is so empty now :( I need to add more bullshit there. I need to make more dumb blinkies it is SO urgent.

    Edit: added back the tamanotchis here bc i like them here actually :)

  • 07/08/23 : Continuing the DS1 shrine !! Trying to do fun tooltips with CSS will be the death of me I swear. Please css I beg of you, I just want this PNG of Nito to be like. 20 pixels higher. please.

  • 06/08/23 : My first two Tamanotchis were named after my two mains in GW2 and FFXIV, so today I went "what the hell, let's add the others". If you're curious : left column is GW2, right column is FFXIV ! They are in the order I created them, from top to bottom (First all of the GW2 charas, then all of the FFXIV ones)

    Please click on my babies, so that I can see them grow ! And one day maybe do their dedicated page

    (More seriously, I really want to start working on the "MMO Charas" page, but I have NO IDEA of the layout I want to use. It's a bit of an annoying roadblock.)

  • 03/08/23 : Unfucked the links page. Nice. Will add even more links a bit later. Even nicer.

  • 02/08/23 : YOU CAN GO ON ANOTHER PAGE NOW !!!!

    Started and finished in one evening the "Links" page, where I'll put a list of various websites and random things I love.

    When I say "finished" I mostly mean the layout : I've added a few links so far, but I'll add A LOT MORE of them little by little.

    Still working on the Dark Souls shrines ! I don't want to link them until all three of them are finished, so that might take a while. I might start working on the MMO Charas page at the same time ? And also on the "Lore Cave" page, which will be the hub for all of my shrines.

    Once again : very very exciting.

    Also, I did this the other day and not today but w/e : changed the ratio of the sidebar/main content size, and added some chicken smoothie pets bc. I don't know it seemed fun at the time so I did it. Right now they're babies but excited to see how they turn out !!

    Edit : ACCIDENTALLY FUCKED THE LINKS PAGE LIKE, 20 MINUTES AFTER WRITING THIS. OOPS. It is currently 1AM so I am NOT fixing that tonight. Sowwwyyyy

  • 28/07/23 : Started my Dark Souls shrines !!!! So far i've got the pages for DS 1 to 3 setup (only DS1 is being currently filled tho), and in the future i'll also do Elden Ring and Bloodborne. This is super exciting aaaa

    As usual my mood swings wildly from "making a personal website is so so cool" to "CSS burned my crops and killed my family". All part of the process. Shalquoir PNGs make everything better anyway.

    Also : spent multiple hours this morning taking various screenshots of my GW2 characters. None of the shots are good but I'll use them anyway :v

  • 27/07/23 : forgot CSS was my number one enemy. the columns in my tiles-style page finally work. the process had to involve a test div called "ohgodwhat". thank u front-end programmers for your service you are SO fucking brave. Next step is actually filling in the content, which I will do during the next weeks !

    Also added a little chatbox, hiiii


  • 24/07/23 (actually 27/07/23) : accidentally deleted this entry actually oops. from memory : added this log, started working on a tile based layout, edited a blinkie using Gimp (first time using it !)

Who's this nerd ???

Hi !!!!!!!!!!

    Okay yeah, who are you again ?

  • Name: Streamm

  • Real Name: It's French. It's the name of a flower. That's all you're getting :)

  • Pronouns: She/Her !

  • Age: Early 20s, my birthday's on the 11th of January

  • Country I'm in rn: France (which means my time is UTC+1)

  • a banner of stars to separate two sections

    Oh alright, and what do you do ?

  • Studies/job: Computer Science, kinda fullstack, mostly backend

  • Languages I speak: French, English

  • Languages I kinda speak (and I'm trying to get better at): Italian, Greek

  • Languages I want to learn: Japanese, either Scottish Gaelic or Welsh (or both let's go wild), Arabic, Chinese ?? maybe ??

  • a banner of stars to separate two sections

    Nice nice, and what do you like ?

  • Favorite animals: RED PANDAS !!!!!!!!, all felines

  • Favorite colors: Purple my beloved, green, silver

  • Favorite food: My heart is big enough for all food types from all origins. But also i don't like things that are too sweet/sugary sowwy

  • Hobbies: Cooking/baking, playing video games, learning said video games' lore, learning languages, coding (when I get ideas :v)

  • a banner of stars to separate two sections


  • I am catastrophically shy ;w; I am trying to be better at talking to people though !

  • I've got a scar on my hand from playing a tabletop rpg too hard. I wish this was a lie but it is not.

  • I've currently got 3 cats : Cremou (my own cat, pronounced "kray-moo"), Mimi, and Baggy (my dad's two cats). I might add pictures somewhere on here !

  • I can keep like, 5 books balanced on my head and walk a bit without dropping them. That's my secret superpower :3

Pretty star banner from this tumblr ! They themselves got it from another source (here) but this link is dead :/

Things I enjoy :) (wip)

Little hearts = living in my brain and my heart forever <3, THREE hearts = integral part of my personality at this point

Video Games

I have played/enjoyed SO SO MANY VIDEO GAMES. This list is only the ones that left a strong positive impression on me !

  • Ace Attorney
  • Bayonetta
  • Devil May Cry
  • Don't Starve
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Ghost Trick
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Guilty Gear (I only play Strive, but I've also got Xrd, +R and Overture)
  • Hi-Fi Rush
  • Hollow Knight
  • Indie Horror RPG-Maker games (Mostly Ib and The Witch's House)
  • Legend of Zelda (my favs are Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild/Tears of the Kingdom)
  • Night in the Woods
  • Okami
  • Outer Wilds
  • Pokémon (Heartgold, Black, Moon, Explorers of Sky)
  • Portal 1 and 2
  • Professor Layton
  • Return of the Obra Dinn
  • Risk of Rain 2
  • Street Fighter (I've only got V and VI tho)
  • Subnautica (including Below Zero)
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • All Soulsbornes (except Sekiro and Demon's souls, haven't played them !)
  • The World Ends With You + NEO
  • Terraria
  • Touhou Project
  • Transistor (Supergiant Games)
  • Undertale/Deltarune
  • Warframe
  • Yume Nikki and its fangames (love u 2kki)


YEAAAAAAH MUSICALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My opinion for these is mostly "yeah they're cool !!", except for Hadestown, which turns me into pepe_silvia.png whenever I think too hard about it. i love it so much..........

  • Chicago
  • Evita
  • Hadestown
  • Legally Blonde
  • Wicked

As for my music taste, the best way I can describe it is "Pretty much everything, except what I don't like" (real useful I know). More seriously I'd say I gravitate more towards cheerful pop/rock, various video games OST, and weirdo mashups.

I also tend to listen to like. One or two isolated songs from an artists, without actually liking most of their songs, and also being too lazy to actually go listen to the rest of the album. I tried making an actual list here, but I struggled a lot with deciding which artist deserved to appear and which didn't ! So I'll just keep this little paragraph as a description, and not actually list anything lol.

I'll still mention my favorite mashup artist, Chongo (Youtube / Bandcamp). Go check out his stuff !!! I love what he does !!

Movies/Cartoons/TV series

"what kind of category is this" idk man................ this is basically an "every media that doesn't fit in another category" category

I'm currently not watching any shows : for any of these that is currently still running, I am no longer actively watching it (but I'm probably still following what's happening from afar !). Most of these are things I used to REALLY love, but are now mostly at the back of my mind. however, they are still very much a part of who I am, whether I like it or not ! :v

TV shows are the bane of my existence. try as i might i can't seem to be able to actually finish them, unless they are 1) relatively short and 2) airing as i am watching them. For example : Gravity Falls.

  • The Cat Returns (or as its French title calls it : The Kingdom of Cats :3)
  • Doctor Who
  • Gravity Falls
  • Inception
  • Infinity Train
  • Pacific Rim

Anime/Manga/Various weeb shit

I am. Not a big anime watcher or manga reader or w/e. Unlike the rest of this page this list is gonna be VERY short bc I only watch something once I'm SURE I will like it. So for here, anything on the list is something I deeply enjoyed, and anything with a heart is something I REALLY REALLY deeply enjoyed.

  • Darker Than Black
  • Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood
  • Gundam : Witch From Mercury
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (All caught up babyyyy !!! My fav part is probably 5 followed by either 3 or 7.)
  • The When They Cry series (LOVE Umineko, RLY LIKE Higurashi, can't say for sure for Ciconia rn but so far it's been kind of meh)
  • Witch Hat Atelier


"didnt you already do an "others" category higher up with the movies/tv shows/cartoons" listen.................................. these were medias. these aren't. this is more of a hobbies list I guess ? Which means I'll repeat things I already said in the previous tab but also..................... making a website is hard ok;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Cats/Feline species in general
  • Food, whether eating, baking, or cooking !!!! I love you food !!!!!!
  • Reading fun facts on various subjects
  • Programming

Little heart gif from here !

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